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How do you determine what size HVAC system you need?

Spectrum Heat & Air Air Conditioners

Video Transcription - "The different type of HVAC systems are designed typically by engineers on a commercial space who have taken into account all of the heat load and the room size, and windows, and occupancy levels. All those factors are taken into account to properly size units to move air with those particular scenarios in place. Residential systems are a little bit easier to do. A similar process. A heat load's done to determine how much window spacing, how big the rooms are, ceiling heights, all those things are taken into account, a number of people typically in a room, and you compute all that information and it allows us to size systems properly to do the job they're supposed to do. Under-sized and over-sized are both very important to not do. It's just as critical that one is not over-sized as it is that it's not under-sized. A lot of people think they wanna add to the size of the system because it's gonna cool better, and that couldn't be further from the truth. An over-sized system will actually be just as detrimental as an under-sized system will be."

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