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HVAC Tips for Spring

Spectrum Heat & Air Air Conditioners, Troubleshooting

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Winter is over, and spring is in the air! When you do spring cleaning, don’t forget those items that aren’t visible. Here’s a quick checklist of HVAC Tips for Spring as well as our Spring Promotion details, just in case.

Do a Test Run

Start your air conditioner before you need it! It’s Texas, and you know that sweltering heat is coming (probably sooner rather than later). It is always better to find potential problems before you need your air conditioner actually to work, so give the system a test run while the temps are still mild.

Check filters

Check filters and change if needed. Typically these filters can be found on the unit itself or in the return air grill. We recommend filters to be replaced at least every three months or possibly more often depending on the conditions in the home.

Clean outside unit

Over the winter you have lots of things being attracted to your condensing unit. Dirt and debris can clog the coils, pests such as rodents, ants, and birds can build a temporary home inside the unit, leaves will pile up in and around the unit. Wash coils with water and blow out any other contaminants.

Check thermostat controls

Adjust thermostat to reflect changes in schedules as well as the time change. Setting your thermostat on a program can save money on energy bills and prolong the life of your system. It’s easy! With our Nexia brand of thermostats, you get user-friendly wifi device that has tons of features. Features like remote diagnostics, this allows us to monitor and potentially diagnose your system before making a trip to your home.

If any of this sounds overwhelming, we are here to help! Spectrum offers commercial and residential maintenance programs specific to your needs. Preventative inspections can catch problems like malfunctioning parts or refrigeration leaks, and change filters regularly improve air quality, improves efficiency and helps to prolong the life of the system. If you are in need of a new system, check out our Spring Promotion!

Need Service?

Spectrum would like to be your choice for service, repairs or installation! Please give us a call at (940) 323-2300 or contact us online.

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